Farewell Heysham, England

As of now I’ve been up 24 hours, arising at 4:30am (British Standard Time) and pulling into Pickerington OHIO at 10:30pm (which is 3:30am Friday BST). It was a long trip. Guess who was randomly selected for a pat down and bag search at Manchester Airport? Do I really look that guilty…or suspicious?

Yesterday evening (Wednesday) was the first time I was able to get a picture of the sunset across Morecambe Bay (without the clouds, that is). My English friend, Bill Shand took me and another team member up to St. Peter’s church & St. Patrick’s ruins to capture the rays shimmering across the still bay.  If you look at the sunset picture below you’ll notice that the shapes cut in the rock are shapes of people who were buried in these rocks (burial grounds).

Setting Sun from St. Patrick’s ruins

Last night’s farewell gathering enabled the congregation to imagine the possibilities for how to use their newly refurbished sanctuary. We had a meal of “jacketed potatoes” (a loaded potato bar). Words of appreciation were exchanged. Gifts were presented from the church to the team. We received a Heysham hand towel, a tea spoon with an English coat of arms, and an original watercolor of Morecombe Bay by Knowlys Rd Nazarene’s newest church member, Barb Vernon. Hugs and farewells ended our time at the church. I believe the Knowlys Rd congregation is ready to break out into their community in word and deed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m anxious to see what God is going to do through these faithful people.

I can’t hold my eyes open anymore…and the familiar bed of HOME SWEET HOME awaits me. Thanks for allowing me to share this journey with you.


I am a native of Circleville, Ohio, and in a long, roundabout way, I’ve “come back home.” My family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I graduated from Nazarene Bible College. From there we relocated to Olathe, Kansas to attend Nazarene Theological Seminary. Our first pastoral assignment brought us back to the Buckeye State, serving in Marietta. After pastoring there for 4 years, we came to Pickerington in 1996 where we’ve served for the past 15 years. I’m a sports nut and enjoy the great outdoors (fishing, hiking, and biking). Family life is the really big deal for me. I’m married to Cathy, and we have 3 adult children (Michele Manson, Josh & Tiffany Manson, and Mary & Kyle McManamy). We also have 2 granddaughters, Isabella & Ava. I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

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2 comments on “Farewell Heysham, England
  1. Melissa Parsley says:

    Welcome home!! We can’t wait until Sunday and hear from you about all your wonderful work!! God is good!

  2. joshuamanson says:

    I do believe it is time to start up the ol blog again. I miss the posts!

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