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One Nation under God

The Apostle Peter asked the question, What kind of people ought you to be? (2Pe 3:11aniv). He was writing a second letter to a church that was facing an uncertain future, yet even in the face of persecution he tells them, You ought to live holy and godly lives (2Pe 3:11bniv).

When Moses led Israel out of Egyptian slavery, the Lord knew where they were going but they didn’t. From all appearances it seemed that they were on the road to an uncertain future, even dehydration and destruction in an unforgiving desert. Three months out of Egypt and in front of a mountain called Sinai, God told Israel what kind of people, nation she was to be: Although the whole earth is mine, you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation (Ex 19:5b-6niv).

Whatever its name…Israel or Church, God will always have a nation or a people for Himself. They are not defined by geographical boundaries or political institutions or cultural pedigree, but by a holy character that reflects the image of the God who saved them.


I am a native of Circleville, Ohio, and in a long, roundabout way, I’ve “come back home.” My family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I graduated from Nazarene Bible College. From there we relocated to Olathe, Kansas to attend Nazarene Theological Seminary. Our first pastoral assignment brought us back to the Buckeye State, serving in Marietta. After pastoring there for 4 years, we came to Pickerington in 1996 where we’ve served for the past 15 years. I’m a sports nut and enjoy the great outdoors (fishing, hiking, and biking). Family life is the really big deal for me. I’m married to Cathy, and we have 3 adult children (Michele Manson, Josh & Tiffany Manson, and Mary & Kyle McManamy). We also have 2 granddaughters, Isabella & Ava. I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

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