Jumping into God’s Story

From Joseph to Moses |

The Story reads like a novel, moving from one scene to another in what appears to be a rather short period of time. But the time span from Joseph to Moses is over 400 years. In God-time, that’s a blink of His eyes but for us in the U.S.A., we’d have to wait another 162 years before we celebrate 400 years as a nation.

That’s a long time, but as The Story tells us, God remembered. Remembered what? He remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He also remembered the oppression of the Hebrew people in Egypt. I can’t even remember where I put my reading glasses five minutes ago, but God remembered…400+ years. It’s a good thing I have all my teeth.

A very reluctant Moses didn’t exactly jump into God’s story…he kind of stubbed his toe into the story and a nation was born….an enslaved people that nobody else wanted but God claimed for Himself. He will be their God and they will be His people.

| Creation, Abraham, Joseph |

We’re heading into week 3 of The Story and so far God has revealed Himself as Creator, Relational Redeemer, and a Keeper of His promises. Noah and Abraham both jumped feet first into God’s story, believing His word and obeying His commands. By faith Noah believed God’s word about a flood and built a big boat in a dry land to save his family. By faith Abraham believed God’s word about a land, a son, and a nation and it was credited to him as righteousness. Whether it’s Noah, Abraham or us, the essential foundation for relationship with God has always been by (His) grace through (our) faith.

Faith is often perceived as a “head-in-the-clouds” intellectual exercise but God has revealed through His Story that faith in God/Jesus Christ is never passive. Faith is expressed through active verbs like believing, trusting, and obeying.

This Sunday we’ll look at the next major character in God’s story: Joseph. He trusted God with an incredible faith in the face of undesirable and hopeless situations. God had promised his great-grandfather Abraham a great nation, and by the time of Joseph’s generation, the nucleus of the nation was in danger of being exterminated by starvation. It appears that God’s promises were on the brink of bombing out. But Joseph jumped into God’s story and gave instructions to have his bones buried in that Promised Land. What faith!


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